It is fun to spoil our pets and watch them eat treats.

As a general rule, treats can make up no more than 10% of a chicken's overall diet and should be fed to them in the afternoon, after they have had time to fill up on their balanced organic layer feed! The exception to the 10% rule is "green treats" such as kale, dandelion greens, parsley, swiss chard, berries and bugs (aka anything they would find in a free-range environment), which they can have an unlimited amount of!

Chickens need a lot of protein and calcium to lay eggs, and the food we supply ensures they get all that they require.

Chickens have different likes and dislikes, so they might not eat everything you give them, however all of the items listed below are worth a try.

Do Not Feed

Please do not count on chickens knowing what is bad for them.
We will start off with a list of things to never feed your hens:


They may find them themselves, however eating earthworms may cause Gapeworm, so please do not dig them up and feed them to your chickens!


Citrus Fruit

Chickens may not be given any type of citrus.


Salty, Sugary, or Moldy

These types of foods are bad for the chicken's digestive systems and can even kill them. This includes all types of candy and chocolate.


Other Foods to Avoid

Caffeine, Avocados, Dairy, Onions


Do Feed

A variety of treats keeps the chickens healthy and makes the eggs more nutritious!


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It is important to keep the feed and water clean.

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