Our chicken coops are kid friendly and easy to use!

They are very low maintenance because we use our chicken feeder and waterer.

Our feed and water systems make taking care of chickens easy!

coop with chickens

We build our coops with 3 things in mind:

Happiness of the hens
Child and predator proof
Ease of use for the caretaker


Our coops are 6ft. 10in. long and 38in. high and wide.

They are built to house 2-4 chickens.
Add one of our run extensions to house up to 6 hens.

Coop_Dimensions_V2 copy.jpg

We are eco-friendly and source recycled materials.

When available, we recycle wood from pallets. We also use recycled white paint from the Montgomery County Recycle Center, and go to the nearby Habitat for Humanity Restores and purchase recycled locks, hinges, staples and anything else we can find!


Pickup is easy.

Our coops (including all the necessary rental supplies) are easily transported in a variety of mini-vans and trucks.


Add fun and functional parts to your chicken coops.

Some ideas: a small rooftop garden bed, a large chicken run, or a shade!  At RentACoop we have build larger run extensions, have added garden tops to coops in the past and have even added a solar heater to a few coops. If you would like any of these customizations or can think of anything else you'd like to add to your coop, please send an email to Info@RentACoop.com and we'll work with you on completing the coop of your dreams. 


Interested in buying one of our coops?