How do I care for chicks over the weekend? (for Schools)

Many schools offer students the opportunity to take the chicks home on the weekends.  You'll have many eager parents offering to house the chicks so you can either choose a name out of a hat or you can sell the rights to take the chicks home at your school raffle/auction. This is a great way for a school to pay for the program in it's entirety. 


What does daily care look like?

Water and feed needs to be checked daily. Bedding needs to be changed once a week. 


Can we take the chicks out of the brooder (Cage)?

Yes, we encourage handling the chicks. This is one aspect of this educational program that must not be missed! The more you interact with the chicks, the more comfortable with you  they will become. Soon enough they'll be sitting on your shoulder and following you around the house. As with any animal, we recommend washing hands after handling the chicks.


How big is the brooder (Cage) / how big is the incubator?
Will it fit in my car / classroom?

The brooder and incubator are smaller than you might imagine.

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First time hatching chicks. How will I know what to do?

Once you reserve, we send you a chick care pamphlet with everything you need to know to have a successful 4 week program. From "caring for the chicks" to "what to do on hatch day", It's all there for you. Should you have any additional questions you can contact us through email or our "Chicken Hotline" which every renter will have access to.


Do you take the chicks back afterwards?

Yes, we bring all the chicks back to our farm and raise them until they are of age to lay eggs. At this point they go into our RentACoop program and will provide the healthiest and freshest eggs to our renters.

Please contact us if you have any other questions!