Our Coops are 6.5 feet long and 39 inches high and wide. They are built to fit the needs of 2-4 chickens. The coops are built with three things in mind- The happiness of the hens,  being kid proof and the ease of use for the caretaker.
Easy to move!
Easy access to feeder and eggs!
Great ventilation is a must
100% Predator proof! Wire all along the bottom to protect from fox while still allowing manure (fertilizer) to fall through.
When available, we recycle wood from pallets! We also use recycled white paint from the Montgomery County Recycle Center .Lastly, we go to the nearby Habitat for Humanity Restores and purchase recycled locks, hinges, staples and anything else we can find!
Slides easily into most minivans and trucks!
Toyota Sienna
Honda Odyssey

Easy Pickup
- The Coops -

Add some shade
Add a Garden
Add a Large Run
On top of a Volvo
Short Bed Truck

As of March 2015, all of our coops are made with pressure treated 2X4's and plywood that is rated for 50 years of weathering. 
 Fun additions by clever customers