How RentACoop Works
RentACoop's offers an exciting, fun and educational 4 week chicken experience! Whether you're looking for a unique pet with a ton of personality, want to educate your children about where food comes from or are just excited to have the freshest organic eggs available to you every morning, Rent-A-Coop is the way to go! 

​What is Included in our RentACoop Program? 

- A strong, durable chicken coop that was designed, built and painted by us and is 100% predator proof. 

- 2 hens that are of laying age (at least 5 months old)- with each one laying about an egg a day 

- Enough organic chicken feed and bedding (pine shavings) to last your entire rental period

- Recycled Feed and Water Bowls

- 24 Chicken Hotline where you can call or e-mail us with any questions or concerns that you may have

- Informational Chicken Care Pamphlet

- How It Works -

Why Rent a Coop?
Although we also sell our coops, many people feel that they are not quite ready for the plunge. Renting is preferable for those who want to try out the set up before they buy, or travel too often to have their own chickens year-round. Renting is also a great way for the entire family to have this fun, educational experience in their own backyard! Many of our customers have been so pleased that they've decided to make RentACoop a yearly family tradition.

How Do I get my Coop and Hens?
We can deliver it for a $1/mile round trip fee- this fee includes delivery and pick up at the end of your rental period. You can also pick it up and drop it back off yourself for FREE!

What Do I need to do for Upkeep?
On top of enjoying the fresh eggs and surprising personalities of your new feathered friends, there are a few things you must do to ensure your hens enjoy their new home: We recommend cleaning and moving the coop once a week (the pine shavings and droppings are great for composting!), filling their feed bowl with Organic Feed when it gets low (every 2-3 days) and giving them fresh water daily. We recommend letting the hens out of the coop for a couple hours each day for supervised free ranging. They will eat all kinds of pests and fertilize your yard. Each hen will lay an average of 1 egg per day and will usually be laid by noon.  

What if you Have any Questions?
Any questions that you have before, during, or after the rental period are always answered within 24 hours. Our goal is to make your introduction to chickens as smooth as possible. If you decide to purchase the coop and hens, that is not your last interaction with us! We will be here for years to come and will continue to be available to answer all of your chicken related questions!
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