Our 4 week Chick Hatching Program teaches children of all ages about the miracle of life. Watch as they chicks develop inside the egg and out. Watch as they peck out of the egg and and begin their journey after 21 days inside the egg. PLUS you care for 2 baby chicks while waiting for the 7 eggs to hatch! Great fun at home or at school!
- Chick Hatching Experience -

You can see amazing detail with our unique egg candling light!
The Brooder
The Incubator
"Please know that having these beautiful creatures has changed many of us for life. I have learnt that even 'bird brains' show strong bonds of love, and socialization!! 
I would never have believed that until I saw a newly- hatched chick clambering over the eggs in the incubator to reach the one still hatching!! It was indeed very powerful!!
Thank you for raising our level of 'respect' for all creatures, big and small." 

- Sunit Grover
Head of Paint Branch Montessori School 
"My girls are LOVING the chicks. They played with them for hours when we got home, my youngest made a "house" for hers out of a little cardboard box, and my oldest made "chickie blankets" so they would be "comfortable" when they sleep. We've already taken them in for share day at our school where Arabelle proceeded to give a mini-lecture about egg incubation and hatching as well as chick care. This is one of the best parenting decisions I've made :)
Many thanks"

-Elizabeth K.  Bethesda, MD
"​It's been a wonderful experience for our whole

-Julia S.  Rockville, MD 
What is included in our Chick Hatching Program? 

- Top quality, easy-to-use, 7 egg incubator with clear plastic dome for a perfect view of the hatch

- 7 Fertile eggs ( 4-6 hatch on average)

- The "Brooder" where the chicks live the the first few weeks of life. Comes with one heat lamp, one water and one feed bowl.

- A high powered "egg candling light" that allows you to see the chicks developing inside the egg!!

- Enough Organic Chick Feed and Pine Shavings for 4 weeks

- Informational Brochure and a 24 hour chicken hotline you can call with any questions

- PLUS 2 Chicks right from the beginning that will teach the newborn chicks how to eat and drink as well as provide you with entertainment while you're waiting for the eggs to hatch. 

Watch the chicks grow for 21 days inside the egg and 7 days outside while observing the two older chicks grow from 7 days to 5 weeks old. From their "Egg Tooth", to their first feathers, to playful personality changes, there's so much to learn from such a unique experience. 

At the end of 4 weeks all of the supplies and chicks come back to our farm.
It truly has been very fun for the kids and their friends! To be able to witness the hatching is a very special, precious, delicate moment! :) Certainly brought me back to my childhood! 
-Jo D. Potomac, MD

"This is the best thing that happened in our school in a long time. All the kids from pre-k to 5th grade are excited and interested"

-Amy W.
 Enrichment Teacher at RPEMS
Thanks again and your program just whisks kids into loving learning!"

- Pam S. 
Teacher in Baltimore City, MD
 Video by "TeachMama" who participated in our program in March of 2014

"Thanks for everything that you do - the students, teachers, parents, and administration have thoroughly enjoyed having the chicks and learning about their life cycle and the circle of life. I can't imagine a more hands-on way for my students to learn about animals, responsibility, "life on a farm", and being gentle. Your program has enriched our writing, math, and science lessons. I enjoyed watching my students' faces light-up when holding 3-day old chicks and laughing while the chicks played with each other. I look forward to doing your program again in the fall. Thank-you!"

- Kealy R.
Garden Coordinator at Stoddert Elementary School
"Thanks so much Tyler for the chicks and eggs. I (along with the kids!) am completely enjoying them. One kid yesterday was seeing a chicken for the first time. While holding it, he looked at me with the biggest grin on his face and said "this is the coolest thing ever!! I love nature!". Its already been such an amazing experience for them."

- Kealy R.
Garden Coordinator at Stoddert Elementary School
 Courtesy of our friends at Winwood Preschool - 2014

"I want to thank you again for being so gracious with accommodating us with the chickens for the Science Fair. We had such a fantastic experience, and will undoubtedly like to do it again when our youngest child gets a little older. My oldest son has said that this is one of the funnest thing he has ever done, and had learned so much. As a matter of fact, this was a great experience for the entire family."

-Beth V. in Potomac, MD

"I just wanted to say THANK YOU so much for giving us this amazing opportunity to watch life begin. We candled an egg in the dark this evening (my little one is outside with my oldest) and the chick moved!!!! It was amazing! I am speechless at how beautiful that was.  

The two chicks are doing great - we are so in love with them. I keep telling my kids that we are just borrowing them but we still love them. Their precious little "peeps" make our day!  

Thank you so much for this!!! "

- Jenn L.
Dresher, PA